Stock Transfer Shareholder Recordkeeping and Management Software
iStockTrack for the web
Cloud access to StockTrack reports

Complete Transfer Agent Software System
  • Simplifies handling of shareholder management transactions such as Transfers, Conversions, Cash and Stock Dividends, Splits, Options, Warrants, and Proxy
  • Used by banks and other self-issuers, as well as by transfer agents
  • Provides an audit trail of transactions
  • Provides immediate and comprehensive reporting based on any ‘as of’ date or date range
  • Replace your outdated or unsupported shareholder accounting software with StockTrack
Features include...
  • Issuance, Transfer and Registration of Stock Certificates
  • Dividends and Splits
  • 1099 Reporting available
  • Proxy Voting
  • Dividend Reinvestment Available (DRP)
  • Debt (Capital Notes, Bonds, etc.) module available
  • Options and Warrants as well as ability to track employee stock Options, Warrants, SARs, RSUs, Phantom Stock and other stock grants related to employee compensation.
  • S-Corp (Sub Chapter S) Features
  • Reports include stock ledgers, certificate registers, check registers, trial balance, and more than 100 others!
  • Comprehensive mailing functions including email
  • Full list of features
StockTrack users across America say:
“You've got a great product and more people/companies should be using it!”
“Our company paid an attorney thousands of dollars a year to do what comes down to a simple task in StockTrack.”
“...getting our dividend completed and the checks out was easy...”
“I learned to use StockTrack quickly...”
“Figtree staff answered all of my questions completely and got me up and running fast...”
“Tax reporting was a snap with StockTrack and Account Ability.”
StockTrack shareholder recordkeeping and accounting...
iStockTrack for the web
iStockTrack overview and pricing
iStockTrack system features
TheiStockTrack module works in conjunction with StockTrack shareholder recordkeping and accounting software to provide reporting services on websites that can be customized to look like part of the issuers’ own company site.

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