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StockTrack Forum Helps Transfer Agents Share Information

Morris Plains, NJ, (PRWeb) June 22, 2009 -- The forum hosted by Figtree, publisher of StockTrack shareholder accounting software allows shareholders to ask and answer questions regarding shareholder accounting.  Often the person or persons tasked with handling shareholder accounting for their own privately held companies work in relative isolation.

The Figtree staff felt that there was a great opportunity to help their licensees to get the information that they need to handle shareholder accounting efficiently; to comply with regulations and just to find out what other people do.

StockTrack provides a complete and cost effective Transfer Agent solution.  The software supports issuance and transfer of stock, printing of stock certificates, cash dividends (including generating NACHA files for direct deposit), dividend reinvestment, proxy, splits, and all related reporting as well as support for 1099 tax reporting.  It is in use by stock transfer agents and self issuers across the U.S.

Current licensees consider StockTrack the most complete and cost effective product available.  They cite ease of use, extensive feature set, reports on all aspects of shareholder accounting, flexibility, audit trails, reasonable pricing and great support as reasons they are happy that they selected and use StockTrack.  Users report that StockTrack is “the easiest to use shareholder accounting software.”

The more than 60 reports include stock ledgers, certificate registers, transaction journals; insider transactions, dividend and split reporting; cash disbursements; insider ownership; dividend reinvestment; proxies and company overview of outstanding shares.  In addition statements, confirmations and cover letters can be printed in ready to mail formats.  Many reports are available as Excel spreadsheets as well as formatted reports.

Live feature demonstrations are presented weekly over the Internet – get a free invitation at  Interested parties can contact Figtree Software, 973-539-9311 ext. 227 or by email to  The full StockTrack software is available free for evaluation at

All StockTrack licensees who are current on software maintenance and support are entitled to this update.

About Figtree
Figtree Consulting, Inc., based in Morris Plains, NJ, is the publisher of StockTrack and has been a developer of business software and publisher of nationally distributed software products since 1983.  The company provides web-based and Windows®-based applications for many industries including distribution, publishing, and banking.  For more information, visit and

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