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iStockTrack Released: Affordable Online Shareholder Reporting and Proxy Voting

Transfer Agents and shareholder accounting departments of self-issuers spend a lot of their time answering questions, providing reports, and entering proxy ballets.  Online shareholder and reporting services provide immediate access to this information and cut down the transfer officers work load.  Until now, there have been few options for transfer agents and self issuers to provide this online access.  StockTrack is the only package available that allows companies to offer highly customized online services at an affordable price.

The iStockTrack module works in conjunction with StockTrack shareholder accounting software to provide reporting services on websites that can be customized to look like part of the issuers’ own company site.  StockTrack, first published in 1989, is in use nationwide by Stock Transfer Agents and Self Issuing companies.  It handles record keeping, stock transfers, certificate printing, splits, dividends, proxies, shareholder statements and management and compliance reporting.

Transfer Agents and Self-Issuers complete transfers and other share related transactions in StockTrack.  Information is shared and immediately available to appropriate shareholders, company officers, directors and management.  No additional work is required when transactions are made.

With iStockTrack, corporate officers and directors can review and analyze their company’s outstanding shares, stock ownership and transfer history themselves without waiting for answers to phone, mail or email inquiries and without taking up transfer agent or corporate secretary time.  Shareholders can review their status on-line, update basic information, print statements and vote their proxies themselves without having to make phone calls, mail or email inquiries and without taking up transfer agent or corporate secretary time.

According to Leon Urbital, CEO of, “I’m excited about this release.  iStockTrack allows Transfer Agents to provide a much higher level of service to their clients and their shareholders.”

To try iStockTrack or get more information, call Janice at 866-539-9311 extension 227 or go to

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