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Camels Consulting Group
Access the Power of StockTrack In Designing Stock Navigation Programs for Community Banks
  • Capital Raising/Preservation Programs
  • Re-inventing the Shareholder Base
  • Stock Expansion Programs; Dividend Strategies
  • Stock Valuations/Fairness Opinions
  • Processes to Stay Below 500 Reported Shareholders
Re-Invent Your Shareholders
Access the Power of
CAMELS CommunityLink
"Identifying Opportunities,
One Name at a Time"
Stock Price Below Book Value
Lack of Stock Liquidity
Inconsistent Bid/Ask
Processes Designed to Increase Your
Fair Market Value.
Camels Consulting Group
Camels Consulting Group

Account Ability
Account Ability

The most complete, cost effective, W2 and 1099 software solution on the market today!

During the past 25 years more than 100,000 tax professionals used Account Ability to file their Information Returns (1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W2G) and Annual Wage Reports (W2, W2C). For one low price, Account Ability includes electronic filing (IRS FIRE, SSA BSO), plain paper filing, import/export capabilities, and more!

Imports StockTrack data to produce 1099-B and 1099-DIV forms and filing.

Instructions for installing Account Ability for StockTrack
888-IDMSINC (436-7462)

Stock Informatics
Stock Informatics

Stock Informatics is a Powerful Equity Grant Tracking and Accounting Software program with a growing client base in over 30 states

  • Stock Options (ISO and Non-Qualified)
  • Warrants - including Government TARP Warrants for financial institutions
  • Restricted Stock Grants
  • Performance Equity Grants
  • FAS 123R / ASC 718 Compliance
  • Instant setup of vesting schedules - variable time periods and varied vesting percentages
  • Logs and tracks the specifics of each Equity Grant
  • Automatically updates an array of calculations
  • Generates reports for any present, past or future time period
  • Integrated Black Scholes and Stock Price Volatility Models

Maintain control of YOUR data on YOUR server - don't settle for your confidential data being stored off-site and in many cases outside of the country. Reduce the chance of identity theft by controlling your data.


Supercharge StockTrack’s linked documents with global and cross company searches and more. Use the M-Files vault, document management, version control, archiving, sharing, and workflow for many other of your business needs. Contact Figtree for specific examples and a demo of the StockTrack integration.

Reynolds Graphics
Reynolds Graphics

Reynolds Graphics Incorporated is the premier provider of stock certificate design and printing services. Contact Reynolds at: 801.266.6587 or email

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