System Features

System Features
by chunsberger

StockTrack provides a complete Transfer Agent solution.  The software supports issuance and transfer of stock, printing of stock certificates, cash dividends (including generating NACHA files for direct deposit), stock dividends, dividend reinvestment, proxy, splits, and all related reporting as well as support for 1099 tax reporting.  It is in use by commercial stock transfer agents and self issuers across the U.S.


A great deal of information can be entered, but only a minimum is required.

Partial List of Shareholder Detail Information—

Large Space for Registration Name

Lost Shareholder and Search Dates

User Defined Information

Unlimited notes and Linked Documents

Certificate Detail

Beneficial Ownership

Family Ownership

Second or Seasonal Address

Shareholder statement

Summary of Holdings  


Stock Transfers

New issues

Book Entry and Certificated

Made Available Date/Time

History of Shipment Tracking Numbers (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Void /Correct Transactions

SEC Logging Option

Retire Certificates

Stock Conversion

Print Certificates

Exercise Options and Warrants 

Cost Basis

Lot Level Tracking

Prepares Tax Reporting Information

Generates Broker Cost Basis Statements and Requests


Log and track transfers from receipt through sending out certificates or confirmations for book entry 

With Advanced Transfer Agent module, see all in-process transfers across all companies in one place and track their status.

Correspondence Logging

Cash Distributions

Cash Dividends (and/or Capital Gains or Return of Capital)

S-Corp Distributions

Cash-in-lieu Payments

Stock Buy Back

FIT and Other Withholding

Customizable Checks

Direct Deposit (NACHA formatted ACH file)

Clear Outstanding Checks

Generate Spreadsheet of Cleared and Outstanding Checks

Check Register and Many Other Reports

Replace Lost Checks

Hold Checks and ACH

Federal Tax Reporting — Prepare 1099-DIV and 1099-B and Print 1099-B and 1099-DIV Forms and generate file for IRS FIRE system*

Corporate Actions

Stock Dividends

Incremental Splits

Forward and Reverse Replacement Splits

Maintains Cost Basis After Split or Dividend Pricing 

Dividend Reinvestment(DRP)*

Full Share Reinvestment Plan or Fractional Shares Plan

Debt Module*

Debt Module Features Sheet

Interest Payments


Transfer debt instrument

Send statements related to debt holdings

Tax reporting

Pledge Module*

Track shares held as collateral

Fractional Shares Module*

Track shares held in fractions of up to 4 decimals (Fractional share DRP also holds reinvestment shares in fractions.)

Transfer Information about Lost and Canceled Certificates to the SIC

Mailings and Ad Hoc Reports

Custom Forms, Letters, and Email Messages (with optional attachments)

Export for Mail Merge and for Ad Hoc Reports and Analysis

Flexible Mailing Labels  


Setup Proxy Candidates and Issues

Enter Proxy Votes

Total Vote Report

“No Vote” Calling List

Sign In Sheet 

Write Ins 

“Broker Non-Vote” Reporting 

Online Voting Using StockTrack*


Reserve stock

Track grant dates. vesting dates

Strike Price

Exercise Options and Warrants

Calculate dilutive effect of Options/Warrants  

Document Management

Link Word, Excel, PDF, images or any type of documents for convenient access from within StockTrack.

Includes Getting Started documents and ability to keep your own procedure docs with StockTrack

Link Documents to a Shareholder

Link Documents to a Certificate

Link Documents to an Issuer Company 


Reports provide for many options, sorts, and selection filters.  Most can be exported or viewed directly in Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, as well as other formats.

There are more than 100 reports.  This is a partial list:

Statement and Confirmations

Shareholder Lists in Multiple Formats

Support for OFAC Check

Percentage of Ownership

Lost Shareholders

Certificate Register

Beneficial Ownership

Lost/Stolen Certificates

Canceled Certificates

Ownership by State/Country

Weighted Avg. Shares Outstanding to Calculate Earnings per Share

Certificate Inventory

Transaction Journals

Insider Trading and Ownership

Company Overview

Monthly Billing (for Transfer Agents)

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

SEC Control Ticket (turnaround)

Insurance Log

Dividend Reporting

K-1 Reporting for S-Corporations


Tailor StockTrack to your needs with many customizable features.

Description and Authorization Info for Each CUSIP (Stock ID)

Customize Certificate Layout

Multiple Stock Classes


Stock Restrictions

Customizable Check Layout

Set up Beneficial Owners

Set up Sponsors

Flexible User Access rights

Users Change Their Own Passwords

Customize Shareholder Statement

Replace Lost/Stolen Certificates

Replace Damaged/Destroyed Certificates

Supports Multiple Companies 

Tools to Simplify Startup

Import Wizard Tool to Bring In Shareholders and Certificates   

Audit Trail

Changes to shareholder info

Corrections/voids tracked 


Online User Guide

Context Sensitive Help

Guided Tour

Getting started Help and documents

How do I? (FAQ’s)

Glossary of Terms

Positive Pay File*

Email to shareholders

Advanced Transfer Agent*

Additional features available with Advanced License

Unlimited Use of the Import Wizard

Cross Company Reporting

Pipeline tracks status of all in-process packages from receipt through mailing — and automatically brings up transfer screen for the appropriate issuer company

DTC FAST Integration

Shareholder Search Across Companies

Import Wizard Can Be Used for New Issues and Transfers

Customizable Delivery Cover Sheet

Place issuer company on-hold

Make issuer company inactive

Custom message on main screen for each issuer company

Reminder list to keep track of to do’s


Unlimited Telephone Support

Prerecorded and live online training

Periodic Updates and Enhancements 

*Add-on License required to activate. Contact Figtree for information on license fees.

Minimum System Requirements

Vista Business SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 or

8.1 Professional or Windows 10 Pro 

Screen resolution at least 1152 x 864 or 1366 x 768 for wide screen  

A laser or ink jet Printer 

File Server: Microsoft File Server