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Short StockTrack Overview (10 minutes)

StockTrack Guided Tour workbook

StockTrack Overview (44 minutes)

Online Proxy Voting with StockTrack (28 Minutes)
Learn how easy it is to set up proxy voting with StockTrack and Simply Voting!

Proxy Vote in StockTrack (7 minutes)
Proxy Voting in StockTrack. Online voting is not included in this short overview.  

Using Employee Stock Options in StockTrack (Slides)

Modifying the Check Layout (8 Minutes)
Note that the check form names and numbers mentioned in this video may have changed. Contact Figtree for current check form information.

1099 Reporting using StockTrack and Account Ability - 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT

Cost Basis Tracking for Transfer Agents -- PDF  

Cost Basis Reporting and Basis Determination for Stock -- 36 page document  

Cost Basis -- Using CBRS Web Direct by the STA and SSA -- recording - 1 hour


Cost Basis -- Using CBRS Web Direct by the STA and SSA -- PDF of slides and notes  

Creating a two page stock certificate in StockTrack -- white paper  


Using the Pipeline in StockTrack -- video presentation (5 minutes)  

Overview of iStockTrack (slides)  

  StockTrack Fractional Share DRP Add-In (14 minutes)  

StockTrack Debt Module Add-In (14 minutes)  

StockTrack Pledge Module Add-In (13 minutes)



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